Combating Poverty: characteristic examplesof actions

Publication Social Activism of Athens

Edited by Ellen Kalisperati –Sociologist


ARGENTINA: New Movement to Combat Poverty

Αργετινή: Νέο Κίνημα για την καταπολέμηση της φτώχειας

BUENOS AIRES, Oct 24 2008 (IPS) – A new movement formed by a host of political, social, labour and cultural organisations of Argentina launched an action plan Friday to reduce poverty and child mortality and to promote more equal distribution of wealth.

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Using Markets to Combat Poverty in Africa

Χρησιμοποιώντας αγορές για την αντιμετώπιση της φτώχειας στην Αφρική.

Monitor Group releases a new comprehensive report on the progress of market-based solutions to poverty in Africa

The past 15 years have witnessed growing interest in new approaches to poverty alleviation, including market-based solutions. Today in Africa, more than 500 million people are struggling to subsist on $2 a day or less, and despite well-intentioned government policies and massive amounts of foreign aid and philanthropy, poverty rates continue to rise.

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Enabling the poor to achieve sustainable livelihoods Combating Poverty; PROGRAMME AREA

Δίνοντας την δυνατότητα στους φτωχούς για την επίτευξηβιώσιμηςδιαβίωσηςΠρόγραμμα για την Καταπολέμηση της Φτώχειας

Poverty is a complex multidimensional problem with origins in both the national and international domains. No uniform solution can be found for global application. Rather, country-specific programmes to tackle poverty and international efforts supporting national efforts, as well as the parallel process of creating a supportive international environment, are crucial for a solution to this problem.

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A new perspective on combating poverty


Protecting the Environment Will Combat Poverty: Wangari Maathai

Μια νέα οπτική καταπολέμησης της φτώχειας

The morning plenary session at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting last Friday was on the “Global Impact of Rural Innovation” and had quite a distinguished panel of speakers. Well, every session at CGI had impressive credentials, but this one was particularly inspirational.


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