What could you do to combat poverty?

Republication from the Global Movement for Children (GMC)

Edited by Ellen Kalisperati


Global Call to Action Against Poverty

It is vital to be notified that many mobilizations have been organized all over the world in order to struggle against the social problem of poverty. One of those efforts have become from The Global Movement for Children (GMC) which aims at uniting efforts from organizations, people (and children) to build a world fit for children.

The Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) is a growing alliance that brings together trade unions, INGOs, the women’s and youth movements, community and faith groups and others to call for action from world leaders in the global North and South to meet their promises to end poverty and inequality.

GCAP’s main aim is to achieve policy and practice changes that will improve the lives of people living in poverty.

GCAP adds to existing campaigning on poverty by forming diverse, inclusive national platforms that are able to open up civil society space and advocate more effectively than individual organisations would be able to do on their own. It also organises global mass mobilisations that express solidarity between the global North and South, allow tens of millions of ordinary people to make their voices heard and bring pressure to bear on world leaders.

For further information please visit The Global Movement for Children, and learn more about mobilizations against poverty issues.