International conference & cultural exhibition



Innovative Practices in Biotourism | New Dimensions for Development

Prespa & Korçë

5–7 October 2013
Pyli Conference Center / Prespa

The Biopolitics International Organisation, the Biologists of Albania Organisation, the Erymanthos Organisation, the Cultural Triangle of Prespa and the Regional Council of Korçë organize an International Conference on “Innovative Practices in Biotourism – New Dimensions for Development in Prespa & Korçë” to be held on 5-7 October 2013 at the Conference Center of Pyli in Prespa.

As a deliverable of a European project themed “Innovative Practices in Biotourism” and implemented within the framework of the IPA “Greece–Albania 2007-2013” cross-border program, this international conference aims to bring together local, regional and international stakeholders to promote a common Biotourism product of added value incorporating the natural and cultural assets of the transboundary area of Prespa and Korçë. The conference will address theoretical and practical aspects for the development of the cross-border area through the implementation of the principles of Biotourism. Topics include: Best practices in Biotourism; Biotourism and cross border cooperation; Common Biotourism product for Prespa and Korçë – promotion and marketing.


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